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When a group of local physicians get together for their annual fishing trip in Mexican waters, they end up reeling in a lot more than yellowfin tuna. Suddenly, a horrifying discovery becomes snagged on the end of a fishing line - a man's mummy-wrapped body, with his organs harvested.

This abomination triggers a call from the President to the brave men and women of O.R.C.A., an independent worldwide agency created to combat terrorism, drug-trafficking and eco-sabotage.

They've got plenty of experience with the bad guys. But this might be O.R.C.A.'s toughest task preventing a plan - dubbed "the New Dawn" - to attack the very core of the United States of America.

Involved are the Russian and Mexican Mafias, Chinese Triad, Latin drug cartels and their governments, in a global plot to hijack the world's oil and bring America to its knees - all financed by the trade in an ingenious evil too terrible to contemplage.

But not if O.R.C.A's president, Andre Petrov, and directors Reef, Nici and Alexis have anything to do with it. This experienced team will use every trick in the book - from cutting-edge ballistics onboard their awesome ORCA boats, to good old fashioned espionage - to put the terrorists out of commission, once and for all.

With storylines ripped from news front and near-instantaneous electronic media bulletins, Mexican Madness is a shocking reminder of the dangers we face in this brave, often terrible new world of ours.

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